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Logs are not just the oldest form of fuel that mankind has known, even today it is still particularly sustainable (CO2 neutral and regional), protected against crises and fascinating. Those heating with logs also benefit from the lowest fuel costs amongst all fuel types.

Logs are made by splitting sections of tree trunks into separate pieces and trimming these pieces to size.

To avoid a moisture content in excess of 20 %, logs should be air-dried for at least two years (preferably in a sunny and windy location). This guarantees excellent combustion and very high levels of efficiency.

Where logs are stored in basements or inside a building, such areas need to be well ventilated.


Energy contents:

1 stacked cubic metre spruce = 1350 kWh = 135 l fuel oil
1 stacked cubic metre beech = 1930 kWh = 193 l fuel oil