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Pellet heating in perfection

Pellet boilers from Guntamatic stand for quality, innovation, economy and safety.

A pellet boiler from Guntamatic is a highly economical heating solution. Thanks to intensive, permanent technical development and an ambitious research team, our pellet heaters work with maximum efficiency and maximum modulation capability. This means our pellet boilers and pellet heating systems are extremely economical, highly comfortable and future-proof even in the low-temperature range. The simple and intelligent operating concept enables uncomplicated control of our heating systems. The devices are extremely robust, durable and low maintenance. Guntamatic pellet boilers are suitable for low-energy houses, farms, communal and industrial heating systems.


  • Clean operation by rotary combustion      
  • Industrial step grate technology      
  • Lambda probes control      
  • Multi-level security concept      
  • Easy operation and intelligent control      
  • Automatic cleaning      
  • High efficiency      
  • Low operating and service costs    
  • Pellet heaters are recoverable



Pellet heating systems

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