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Biomass heating in comparison

Which Guntamatic biomass heating suits your building best? Here is a first overview of our heating systems.Our pellet heaters are low-temperature pellet heaters with the highest efficiency, maximum modulation capability and a simple and intelligent operating concept.

Our firewood heaters achieve the lowest emissions through maximum temperatures in the ember bed, are exceptionally robust, comfortable and user-friendly thanks to the use of high-quality materials.
Our woodchip heaters work fully automatically, convince above all by the industrial staircase technology and by unique fuel flexibility with very high reliability.

Our hybrid heaters combine the advantages of an economical heat pump with moderate outside temperatures, with those of a highly efficient pellet heating system with high heat demand.


  • Extremely robust and reliable thanks to high quality components    
  • Highly efficient and low in emissions      
  • Cost effective in installation and heating operation      
  • High cleaning comfort      
  • Low maintenance and service costs      
  • Groundbreaking and simple operating concept      
  • Biomass heating systems are enormously promoted



Please select below the requirement for your biomass heating: Fuel, type of house or required line in kW /h.

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