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Hybrid heating optimized & needs-based

The Guntamatic hybrid system has all the arguments on its side. It protects the environment and the cash register.

The unique GUNTAMATIC hybrid management has been developed in conjunction with universities, research and testing institutes. It uses the strengths of heat pump, pellet heating, and firewood by choosing the ecologically and economically optimal heating mode. It uses stored pellets and electricity prices as well as individual preferences. In coordination with the outside and flow temperatures, the Smart Control system optimally adjusts the heating systems optimally.


  • Choose log security
  • Use pellet comfort
  • Highly efficient combustion
  • Easy operation and intelligent control
  • Also as central heating with log fire in the living room
  • Maximum security
  • High profitability
  • Ecologically sensible
  • Hybrid heaters are supported with funding
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