Guntamatic Woodchip heating systems

Wood chip boilers

  • POWERCHIP 20/30/40/50kW
  • POWERCHIP 75/100kW
  • POWERCHIP Cascade control 100-400kW
  • Industrial Plant 175-1.000kW

Woodchips are currently the most affordable biomass fuel available and have an excellent energy footprint. Our highly efficient woodchip heating systems can be combined with a number of different discharge systems, providing optimum flexibility.
Woodchip heating systems are particularly suitable for larger detached houses and apartment buildings, as well as for agricultural holdings and local heating networks.

Our POWERCHIP woodchip heating systems with industrial step grated technology provide a high level of operational convenience. In addition, they offer maximum flexibility on fuel selection, as they can also be operated with pellets, miscanthus and bio fuels.

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